A metal band formed in 2022
by Noelle Swift and Theo Perr.
We started with the intent
to make hardcore punk, but
changed styles to groove metal
before releasing our first album,
Nevermore. We also use elements of other genres,
such as gothic rock/metal and doom metal.

Our debut album Nevermore released on the
23rd of June 2023, consisting of 12 instrumental
tracks that mostly use traditional elements of groove
metal and other metal genres, with various extra touches
of synthesiser and piano.

listen here

Later that year, we collaborated with the artist
MotherEcstasy to make a multi-genre metal EP titled
Into Tyranny. It released on October 27th 2023 and
consists of 7 tracks, ranging from experimental
ambience to hard-hitting breakcore and EDM, all mixed
with chunky guitar riffs. It even has a funk song.

listen here

In December of the same year,
we released a Christmas single
that introduced our band mascot, Kapri.

listen here

Our second full album is currently in progress,
which will mark a new era for Bloody Bouquet
in terms of style, discarding electronic
elements in favour of a slower, darker sound.
It will be a concept album about the
slow death and necrosis of a hunted deer.
The album is expected to release in late 2024.

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